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Pickup & Drop-Off Laundry Services.Best Dry cleaners in Noida.

At Time 2 Dry Clean, every garment is cared for via a custom made process. We are one of the best dry cleaners in Noida. Time 2 Dry Clean uses internationally benchmarked cleaning goods, equipment, and methods to ensure that your possessions get the best possible care. We are one of the best dry cleaners in Noida.

Our services and staff that is expert reflect our passion, expertise and keen attention to detail. Time 2 Dry Clean Dry Clean’s results across countless clothes talk for themselves. The cleaning and care service is about attention and care . We, at Time 2 Dry Clean, genuinely look after your garments and you can expect nothing less than a garment that is pressed and washed.

For casual clothes, Haute Couture or designer collections, Time 2 Dry Clean is the destination. As it moves through our exceptional procedure, each garment is supervised. We’re before cleaning your garment, the sole dry cleaning and maintenance support who eliminate stains.

Darning and Alteration
Whether you need a button a spot of a garment or darning refitted look no further than Time 2 Dry Clean. Our employees are simple to interact with to emphasize your instructions that are specific for each garment. Of your preferences are recorded and shared throughout your bill with you.

Haute Couture
You can rest assured your favourite choices are in expert hands. We are the favoured cleaning stop for many fashion houses and our heritage ensures an actual comprehension of couture care. Get your Cleaning By Premium Dry cleaners in Noida.

Garments that are made from suede or leather demand a distinctive understanding and maintenance that are shown at Time 2 Dry Clean shops. We also offer alterations, fixing or protective coating solutions when required and assess each garment before choosing the process.

Get your Cleaning By Premium Dry cleaners in Noida.


  1. Hang your apparel away from the wardrobe for two hours prior to putting it off.
  2. Constantly cover the shoulders of your own garments. You may cut off the bottom half of the plastic wrap your clothes arrive in from the cleaners leaving on the half to safeguard the shoulders.
  3. Don’t leave your clothes fully coated as this will stop the essential airflow.
  4. Let us wash stained bits as promptly as possible. Stains, if left unattended, can damage the cloth.
  5. Never rub stains. Rubbing on wool, silk or linen might result in the removal of the dye. This is likely to make the region that is stained conspicuous after cleaning. Rubbing wool can trigger piling.
  6. You need to rather use white absorbent paper towels and beneath the stain to consume as much impurity as you can.
  7. Don’t try to use white wine, soda, salt or water to eliminate the blot. This can make it hard for us to take care of the blot later. Tell your dry cleaner if any effort was made to eliminate it and what caused the stain.
  8. Express Service
    Be it a pre-scheduled meeting, a surprise date or maybe a flight, Time 2 Dry Clean ensures that you simply look your best with its state service. Time 2 Dry Clean is the only dry cleaner in India that strives to manage such emergencies by providing perfectly completed garments in just two weeks as part of its express cleaning support.Upholstery
    Linen and cotton from table cloths to bed sheets are returning sharp and hand-finished. As Time 2 Dry CleanOur advice is to have loose and quilts upholstery cleaned.

Wash & Dry

Don’t worry! We will definitely take care of your clothes. We strive to give the best Laundry experience


Dry cleaning service is the most popular service for cleaning your silks, woolens, wedding outfits, and designer wear. 

Fold & Deliver

Stain removal is also a part of our dry cleaning service. Note that stain removal is tricky and depends on a variety of factors like staining agent.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

10% Off  On Your First 10 kgs

Just be ready with your Laundry, we will be right there with our eco-friendly laundry cart. We will grab away all the dirty clothes from your home.

Time 2 Dry clean

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Dry Cleaners in Noida. Best Dry cleaning Service in Noida

Time 2 Dry clean is the most demanded Dry cleaners in Noida. We provide express laundry and dry cleaning service in Noida. Be happy we are easy on your pockets.

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