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Car Wash/Dry cleaning Service in Noida

1. You Schedule

You Can talk to us anytime to Prebook premium Service for a car wash in Noida

2. We Come to Your Parking

After scheduling your car wash. We will arrive at Your Garage or Parking at the scheduled date and Time.

We Wash & Dry clean your Car

We wash your car and Dry clean your Car inch by inch. With express car wash in Noida, You can save your Time.

4. We Drop Off Your Car

After our Car wash service is complete. We deliver it at Your desired location with your shimmering car.

Freequently Asked Questions


How is Time 2 Dry clean Car wash service Noida is different from other Express car wash companies ?

If you inquire if we detect a place or two, we’ll use a special cleaner to eliminate it to you. In case you’ve got several spots all around the car we’ll be pleased to remove them for an excess charge. Otherwise, you will find specific products sold especially for this purpose. Whenever possible, attempt to eliminate the stain while it’s still sticky. NEVER use abrasive pads or cleansers to remove stains out of your car’s finish. Be certain that you wash the region thoroughly after therapy. Look at protecting the region with a paste wax following cleansing.


Do We clean car inside ?

Time 2 Dry Clean Car wash in Noida delivers inside cleaning at our full-size place at Noida. We do anything out of spraying insides to cleaning the glass, to armour leather and all conditioning to complete detailing. Our other places are state outdoor places – where we just clean the exterior of your vehicle in under 5 minutes. But, we provide completely free vacuum usage at these places.


Will the broken mirrors and wind shield be safe During Car wash?

 Yes. But as soon as the ethics of windshield is jeopardized by stone chips (even very tiny ones), it becomes more vulnerable to fluctuations in temperature. Therefore, though you might clean your automobile with windshield damage, chips or cracks may enlarge. It is always best to fix or replace a busted windshield instantly


Is the wash safe for Car Paint and Alloy wheels?

Yes. Most automobile makers care against automatic washes which use acids on polished aluminium wheels, because these can blot — or utilize plastic or carbon tire brushes, which may scratch. In Time 2 Dry Clean Car wash in Noida Car we utilize no such acids! We simply use soft fabric washing material, which means that your brakes are perfectly secure.

Car Dry cleaning Noida

We’re in the company of providing the highest quality services and customer satisfaction. Our car washing and detailing experts take great pride in our services and love that while you appreciate your vehicles, you may not have time to traveling and have them cleaned or detailed.

We offer quality friendly products from leading players like 3M, Amaron, Exide, Bosch and
Talbros Penray that have been tried and tested over a period of time and found suitable for
Indian conditions. We believe that only a skilled hand can provide quality service. Technicians at
our company are trained to provide world-class services and match international standards set
by the world. The work method follows a set procedure of a detailed check, analysis and the
right results for all your car requirement. In today’s world where it’s essential to create a balance
between personal and work life, we understand your needs and offer our services at your
doorstep. You do not have to change your schedule to attend to the demands of your car. Our
technicians are equipped with the best set of tools and skills to restore your car at your
doorstep. We are just a phone call away!
We provide the following functions:
We are a multi-brand battery outlet offering original batteries by Exide, Amaron and other
leading players for a wide range of cars.
Windshield Experts is India’s #1 windshield glass repair & replacement network in India.
Windshield Experts is brought to you by Asahi India Glass (AIS), the country’s largest
automotive glass brand.
We extend all-inclusive car detailing services to restore the look of your vehicle using 100%
original 3M Car Care Products.
Our qualified personnel only trust Bosch Auto Parts for wiper blades furnished with Graphite
coating to ensure effortless and smooth wiping.
We offer a variety of internationally acclaimed Car Care Products by 3M Car Care for
detailed servicing at Car Fit Experts.
We offer a variety of internationally acclaimed Car Care Products by 3M Car Care for
detailed servicing at Car Fit Experts.

Polished Clean offers a superb service at competitive rates. Car owners will probably be very happy to hear that cars will be cleaned and on their way within 15 to 30 minutes and that’s our guarantee.. how can we get it done? We ensure that many hands make light work, each team member has a job and a particular region of the car to assess and clean. Each car that goes through our carwash is cleaned with foam brushes, freshwater, and quality goods, subsequently hand dried with towels.

Come see us and experience the very best car wash in Noida! Each of our network sites has the flexibility to tailor the service to the needs of each client, offering services that range from a typical wash to car extensive detailing service. Standard services include Wash & Dry, Mini Valet (standard in and outside ) Gold (comprehensive in and outside ) and Platinum (more detailed in and out cleaning) as well as normal valeting Services We use and stock branded and quality goods including Gtechniq, Autoglym and Meguiar’s.

Our staff are experienced and trained by Autoglym. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of service by using quality merchandise. In every one of our community locations, each car will be delicately and thoroughly cleaned, ensuring its very own original showroom condition. Detailing services supplied by the sites comprise Clay Bar, Machine Polish, Steam cleaning and broadly cleaning of the interior and exterior of vehicles.

A comprehensive clean, employing the snow foam, two bucket system and organic wool mitts.

Vehicle dried with waffle weave materials,
That is a comprehensive and also a deep wash, such as cleaning of leathers and plastics

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Get your Car wash in Noida. 100 % in and out cleaning

Get the premium quality of car wash in Noida at lowest cleaning cost. Car dry clean service in Noida at your Door Step.Complete in and out the cleaning of your car.

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