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The Cleanest Way to Do Your Laundry.Best Laundry Service in Noida.

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The modern age that we are currently living in. People and services are just a few taps away from us. Technology has shrunk everything and the globe is now accessible. We can make the most of the different services that companies now offer at the doorstep. Try the Best Laundry Service in Noida.

Smartphones, ever since their introduction, have changed the game. Many internationally renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, banking apps and metro cabs, etc. have their software for different smartphone platforms to serve a broad range of audiences. Like many other services, we can also get you dry cleaning services instantly. We are top-rated best Laundry Service in Noida.

No need to leave your sofa is meant by that. Along with the plus, the point is you will have your gowns prepared according to your plans. Thus, no more rushing to the laundry shop on a friend’s wedding or official’s afternoon supper.

We drop-off 2 valet bags that are personalized for you.

2. Fill two bags or one and put your order by in front porch. Twice per week, we check to your cleaning.

3. We return your professionally pressed order into a door and cleaned.

4. We bill your credit card at the time of shipping

Professional dry-cleaning

Environmental wet cleaning

Professional stain removal

Professional shirt laundering

Wash and fold Support

Whether you use our service to get occasional cleaning, or utilize our wash and fold service make the most of our top laundry, our van arrives at no cost

1. You Schedule

2. We Pick Up

3. We Drop Off

Popular Services

Wash & Fold

professional On-Demand garment care, cleaning and finishing service which caters to your personal wardrobe

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning process involves cleaning of clothes or any kind of textile with the help of fabric-friendly solvent other than water.

Sofa & Mattress Cleaning

The soft furnishings in your home, your sofas, need to be cleaned professionally at least once every 12 months depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 


Use our steam ironing service and get your daily and occasional garments wrinkle-free. Our steam irons are capable enough to handle all kinds of garments as well as have the option of dry ironing

Carpet cleaning services

Our Carpet cleaning services ensure complete cleanliness of your house and cars. Don’t spend your precious hours cleaning your home or office. Rather hire a professional service like us and leave all your cleaning worries with us

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Off Your First 5kgs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Timely Turnaround

Door to Door service with timely delivery Guaranteed.High quality garment care with express delivery.

Low Prices, High Quality

Time 2 dry clean is a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to get your laundry done

Money Back Guarantee

If not satisfied by our services then we provide 100% money back guarantee.Try us you will love us.



"Shruti,Noida says"

Excellent Dry cleaning service. Very professional management. The guys are hard working and reliable. They need intermittent checks and supervision but will get the job done. I would strongly recommend. I think They are the Best Laundry service in Noida

"Neeta,Noida Says"

I am working in an IT firm as an Assistant manager.I was in germany for some project.Suddenly my family from Assam had to visit my home in Noida.I have a 3bhk. I called Time 2 dry clean services at 11 am.By 3 pm my full house was deeply cleaned by these professional gentlemen. I was amazed to see such a real time response. surely, They are the best Laundry service in Noida.

"Anjali,Delhi says"

 I had a marriage function in my family,We had everything with us except garment cleaning people. We needed them in real-time. We chose Time 2 dry clean services since it was the near Dry cleaning agency to me. The team was very punctual and professional,they gave us real-time support and made the Dry cleaning/Steam press work hassle-free!

Time 2 Dry clean Laundry and Cleaning Services

Homes121, Sector 121, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Ph:-96544 47082


Best Laundry Service in Noida

Go with the Best laundry service in Noida. Give your garments better treatment. We do not use the harsh chemical in the process of dry cleaning of your clothes

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